Teen Series #2: The Four Money Skills Every Teen Needs

Teenagers simply need to be shown how. HOW to make money. HOW they can live a life of generosity. HOW to save consistently, and HOW to spend wisely.

I take Teens through an interactive learning process for earning, giving, saving, and spending so that money becomes REAL to them, and they can see how impactful their money decisions are on their entire life, and how one decision impacts many others.

Teen Series #1: Money Smart Teenagers

Making good money decisions is a skill that should not be ignored because every person will make financial decisions every day of their life, whether they have developed good money skills or not. Your teenager is no different.

Let me tell you a secret. Teenagers in America are financially illiterate and have been for decades. They simply do not know much about money. And teens that don’t know much about money become adults that don’t know much about money. That is not what you want for your teenager, because it leads to not being able to make ends meet, being unable to run their own small business, money fights in their relationships, challenges in the workplace, in communities, in churches, and anywhere else money decisions are made.