Dreaming has become a lost art, and has been replaced with “reality” and being stuck in a rut.  What if you could start dreaming again?  Remember when you used to think about the future with great anticipation and excitement?  Somewhere along the way, the excitement for the future turned into paying bills and getting by….and the dream….it’s nowhere to be found.  “Life” took over.  This is not how life was ever intended to be.  We have endless potential to be and do way more than we can imagine or even dream about….so let’s bring the DREAM back!  

How much time have you spent thinking about what you want to do with your life?  What have you come up with?  Do you let yourself dream about the future?  What crazy awesome dreams do you have for your life?  I recommend spending some time by yourself to consider these things, write them down, and turn your dreams into goals so you can start living your dreams!  How expensive are your dreams?  What can you start doing today to make them a reality? 

If you aren’t already living your dreams, I encourage you to start today!

When you give your dreams a deadline, they become goals, and when you put your goals in order of importance they become priorities.  Breaking your priorities down into smaller pieces, known as action steps, allows you to build a daily action plan.  Scheduling time and setting aside any money necessary for your priorities allows you to truly “live your dreams” one action step at a time! 

Dreaming big and setting and achieving goals early in life teaches you through experience that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. 

Here is a good example from the world of sports: Lots of people have a dream of someday completing a marathon.  Once they choose a race and a date, that dream becomes a goal.  It sounds like this, “I am going to complete the New York City Marathon on May 24th.  

A Marathon is a huge goal at 26.2 miles long, but that very long race is made up of lots of small steps.  In order to complete a marathon, all you need to do is to take enough small steps without quitting.  Your life and your finances work the same way. 

The method for accomplish great things in life and with money is to take them one small step at a time and keep moving!

Your financial goal isn’t just to make a bunch of money.  Your goal is to make money for a reason.   Whatever your reason’s are, those are your actual goals.  Money is fuel for your dreams, and provides you the opportunity to do what your heart desires.  Thinking ahead to determine your future needs is an important step in making a plan, and starting the process of setting big goals! 

Once goals are set, creating a plan becomes much easier.  Action steps are created by breaking the goal down into small, realistic steps.  

We can set goals for money that help us to create a Spending Plan, a Saving Plan, even a Giving Plan.  When we live out the plans that we create, we are literally living our dreams on a daily basis!  

Now that we understand how to turn a dream into daily action steps, it’s time to make it real for you and spend some time writing down your dreams, and setting goals. I strongly encourage you to take a few minutes to write down your Dreams and Goals!

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