Conventional wisdom says that teenagers aren’t good with money, make bad decisions, spend too much, and simply can’t be trusted with money.  In my experience over two decades with thousands of individuals and families, this is simply not true.  In fact, it is quite the opposite.  When trained properly, teenagers are great with money, make good decisions, are wise about their spending, and can certainly be trusted. Forget conventional wisdom. Your teen is going to be awesome with money!

The four Money Smart Skills that we teach are to Earn Aggressively; Give Generously; Save Consistently, and Spend Wisely!

These four money skills will help your teenager make good decisions.  Once exposed to the skills, teens are able to learn them and put them into practice quickly.  Doing this begins to transform the way they look at money.  

Teenagers simply need to be shown how. HOW to make money. HOW they can live a life of generosity. HOW to save consistently, and HOW to spend wisely.

It may seem obvious, but in order to make money decisions, you need some money. As responsible people, it’s important to learn how to make money on our own.  That’s one of the ways to become independent. Earning our own money also gives us a different perspective when it comes to making decisions about how to manage it, what to spend it on, how generous to be, and whether to set some of it aside for later.  

I take Teens through an interactive learning process for earning, giving, saving, and spending so that money becomes REAL to them, and they can see how impactful their money decisions are on their entire life, and how one decision impacts many others.

One of our Money Smart Skills is to earn aggressively!  Working hard, working smart, and learning how to create multiple income streams is one of the greatest lessons that you can learn.  The great thing about making money is that you have unlimited earning opportunities.  Everyone has the opportunity to proactively develop lots of ways to make money.  During the teenage years is a great time to test out your Entrepreneurial Spirit!  Let your imagination run wild. Working is a great way to teach teens character and life skills.  Being on time, deadlines, hard work, and many other skills are learned by working.  

One of the best ways that you can use your money is to give it away!  Another way to refer to giving is being generous. Giving Generously means that you enjoy using your money to bless others. Giving and generosity are essentially learning to share your money with others.  Giving to others is a great way to recognize that my money is not just for me.  

What you believe about money and it’s purpose will determine what you do with it.  I believe that money has been given to us to teach us about life and to help us develop character.  Giving says “It’s not all for me”, and it helps us focus on generosity and selflessness!  It also acknowledges that God owns it all.  Just like life, Money is not only about you.  

The earlier you start to save the better, because time is money. Saving money consistently says “It’s not all for right now.”  This is one way to say that tomorrow is just as important as today. We define saving money as setting money aside in a bank account for use a long time from now. Often 3 or more years.

When you are shopping, you are not saving.  You are spending.  Smart spenders take advantage of sales to spend less money on items they would normally purchase anyway.  So, spending less is a great idea to reduce expenses and increase cash flow, but spending less money will never be a way to save money.  

Saving money is when you regularly set it aside for future use in a savings account and don’t touch it.

Putting money in a savings account is very safe, but does not earn much of a return. 

Spending wisely is a very important topic for us to talk about.  Simply put, spending is using the money you’ve been blessed with. The amount of money you can spend is determined largely by how much you make.  Your income creates your spending boundary, or limit. 

Give this some thought:  There is a limited amount of money to be spent, but an unlimited amount of money to be earned. 

I encourage you to be disciplined in spending and aggressive in earning!

Disciplined spending allows for more of your income to be spent on your personal priorities and goals.  Aggressive earning allows you to make more money faster!

If you choose to spend all your money, then there will be no money left to be used for priorities and goals.  Don’t let spontaneous, unplanned spending get in the way of reaching your goals!

I am very excited to get started helping your teenager learn great money skills.  These four basics quickly set teens up for success, and begins to transform the way they look at money.  

The more time you have, the less money you need to make a difference.  The less time you have, the more money you need to make a difference.  Be wise when time is on your side as a Teen and you’ll be a step ahead financially for your entire life. The math is CRAZY and POWERFUL for Teens.

Making a wise decision with a little money as a teen is as impactful on your life as making a wise decision with a lot of money later in life as an adult. 

Helping Teens implement the principles learned from the four money smart skills into their daily life will help them create an awesome money future for themselves. Let’s get the teens in our lives started right away!

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