When I was 13, there was nothing I wanted more than an electric guitar.  I spent an entire summer mowing lawns, delivering newspapers, watching dogs, and doing various odd jobs in the neighborhood.  Then I spent every dime I earned on an electric guitar and amplifier from the local music store.  But there was a problem.  I did not know how to play a guitar.  Worse yet, I never took the time to learn.  My siblings and I had always dreamed/talked of having a family band.  Matt on the drums, Tony on vocals, Heather on the piano, and myself ripping it up on the electric guitar.  So cool!  

I let my dreams get ahead of my reality and bought that guitar before I was ready, and the dream was never realized.  Looking back, I would have been better off buying a less expensive guitar, taking a few lessons and then upgrading to the electric guitar.  Then I would have been able to play real music.  Unfortunately, after a few years of loud, painful guitar “sounds”, I got rid of it and lost almost all of the money I had worked so hard to get.  That guitar was one of the worst money decisions I have ever made.  

I learned so many lessons from that one bad purchase.

There are a number of life skills that we all need to learn in order to be successful in life.  This is true for adults and teenagers as well.  We will need job-related skills to be effective at work, social skills to get along with others and create positive relationships, cooking skills so we can eat nutritious food, and money skills to pay for life and create financial stability.  

Making good money decisions is a skill that should not be ignored because every person will make financial decisions every day of their life, whether they have developed good money skills or not.  Your teenager is no different.

Let me tell you a secret.  Teenagers in America are financially illiterate and have been for decades.  They simply do not know much about money.  And teens that don’t know much about money become adults that don’t know much about money.  That is not what you want for your teenager, because it leads to: not being able to make ends meet, being unable to run their own small business, money fights in their relationships, challenges in the workplace, in communities, in churches, and anywhere else money decisions are made.

The good news is that I can teach your teenagers about money in only 90 minutes!

The fact that teenagers don’t know much about money is not their fault.  Nor is it their parent’s fault.  Four out of five parents say that they have no idea how to teach their kids about money.  And the school system doesn’t teach money skills either.  Our schools teach our kids lots of great things.  How to manage money is not one of them.  In fact, basic money skills are not required learning for a high school diploma or college degree.  

If money skills are not taught in school & parents aren’t comfortable teaching it, there has to be another option.  Most parents want their children to learn about money, and know that it is their personal responsibility to teach them or find an option that works for them and their family.  (Don’t worry, I will show you the best option shortly).

Take a minute and imagine a world where your child earns and spends their own income.  A world where your teenager makes wise decisions about money and starts thinking about and planning for their future.  Imagine having peace in your house and peace in your relationships about money.  It is possible, and easier to accomplish than you may think. 

The financial future of your teenager has less to do with their career choice and more to do with their ability to make good decisions with money.  Yet it is common to spend lots of time and energy on career decisions, and very little or no time and energy on becoming smart with money. 

Our teenagers will be far more successful and win at life if we simply teach them the basics of managing money, and help them develop a healthy perspective toward money!  With smart money skills, whether they end up with a small income or a large one, they will always have the potential to win at life.  

I have spent more than 20 years helping thousands of people, each with their own unique financial story.  I am now able to offer you a shortcut to teaching your Teenager how to be successful with money.  My 20+ years of experience is distilled down into a Money Smart Skills course with 10 short lessons for your teen that takes only 90 minutes to complete! If you want the easy way to create immediate financial success and take the pressure off of your own money and finances, this is the course to use.  

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